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Section 8

From: Steven Pemberton <steven.pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:23:18 +0200
To: public-xformsusers@w3.org
Message-ID: <op.ypt1s4hfsmjzpq@steven-aspire-s7>
I should also mention that I used the opportunity of the @value rewrite to  
reorganise and clarify many of the sub-sections of section 8.

These sections have now all been changed, mostly to make them consistent,  
and I plan to do the rest of 8.1 before Wednesday:

	8.1.3 The input Element
	8.1.4 The secret Element
	8.1.5 The textarea Element
	8.1.6 The output Element The mediatype Element (for output)
	8.1.7 The upload Element The filename Element The mediatype Element (for upload)
	8.1.8 The range Element
	8.1.9 The trigger Element
	8.1.10 The submit Element

You might want to review them to check for any blunders on my part.

Start here:  

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