Re: Lazy authoring

Doesn't lazy authoring make the onboarding of new people easier? As your first form will probably be easy, and lazy authoring will work for that kind of scenarios.

Surely it falls short for the typical xforms form. And surely for the type of forms that make xforms shine. But I would personally leave it to make the creation of your first form a bit easier.



On Nov 23, 2016 3:43 PM, Erik Bruchez <> wrote:
1. Proposal: We deprecate lazy authoring.

I don't have a problem with that. We never implemented it, not that it would be hard, but forms quickly go beyond what lazy authoring allows in its current state.


  model id="m"/>

  <input ref="a" label="a"/>
  <input ref="b" label="b"/>
  <input ref="a" model="m" label="ma"/>
  <input ref="b" model="m" label="mb"/>

So I think that "for the same instance" is missing from the first case.


I am not sure I understand but, but in the example above, lazy authoring would kick in.


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