Regrets + Rewrite

I'm afraid I mixed up my weeks, and this Wednesday I will be in Paris  
chairing the ODF Technical Meeting (and giving a talk on XForms at the  
Paris Open Source Summit).

This means I have to send regrets for the call, so I propose cancelling it  
this week.

On the other hand, you can put the saved hour to good use, because this  
weekend I finished the rewrite of the controls section. This involved  
mainly bringing together content that belonged together, simplifying some  
rather dense sentences, scrapping repetitive text, and adding examples.  
I'm quite satisfied with the readability and crispness of the result, and  
the spec is now 11% shorter than it was a month ago! That is 72k less  
characters! I may yet do one more cleaning-up iteration.

I would appreciate if you would cast an eye over it. In particular the  
section for repeat was a lot of work, and I'd appreciate a check that you  
agree with everything as it now stands: the good news is that it is about  
half the length it used to be, even with the new examples...


Received on Monday, 14 November 2016 08:48:07 UTC