Re: switch

> <xf:switch ref=”.[../payment-method = ‘credit’]”>…
> If we re-purpose ref to also be the case-ref, this use case won’t work
> anymore…

I think it would still work as before. IIUC, Steven suggests that in
addition, `ref` would be used to read and write the currently-selected case

I like the idea but I think backward compatibility is a concern. For
example, if we are not careful, `<switch>` could start writing values to
instance data with the new suggested behavior, while in the past it

If we say that the "caseref" behavior is only enabled when there is at
least one `<case>` with a `name` attribute, when I think that could work as
existing `<switch>`es wouldn't have `name` attributes (except by mistake).


Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2016 17:40:46 UTC