Draft text for whitespace MIP

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6.1.x The whitespace property[edit]

Description: specifies a value that indicates how whitespace is to be  
treated when converting input strings to data.

Computed Expression: No. [?]

Legal Values:
 preserve: all whitespace is preserved
 trim: remove all whitespace from beginning and end of string
 remove: remove all whitespace
 collapse: replace each occurrence of multiple white space with a single  
space character.

Default Value: preserve. [Type dependent? What do we say about numbers for  

Inheritance Rules: does not inherit.[?]

This property specifies how whitespace whould be treated when a string is  
converted to a value, for instance from an input control. If the datatype  
allows contained spaces, then the whitespace property describes what  
should happen to contained whitespace.

   <payment xmlns="">
<bind ref="name" whitespace="trim collapse"/> [allow or create a single  
<bind ref="cardnumber" type="card-number" whitespace="remove"/>

Here, the whitespace property indicates that if a user inputs a value for  
name, the leading and trailing spaces will be removed, and all other  
consecutive sequences of whitespace will be collpased to a single space;  
if the user inputs a credit card number with embedded spaces, those spaces  
will be removed before the value is added to the instance.

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