Action item done: use of numeric in function parameters


(I don't have a number for this action.)

> "Erik to modify random() function return a xs:double()""

This was an easy one:

> "check other uses of numeric `days-to-date()` and `seconds-to-dateTime()`"

These 2 functions take `numeric` as parameter. I think it makes sense
to keep the `numeric` type. In XForms 1.1 you would pass a `number`,
that is an `xs:double`. In XForms 2 you can still pass an `xs:double`,
but you would idiosyncratically pass an `xs:integer`. There is a
precedent as XPath functions like `op:numeric-add()` use it.

In short, I suggest leaving `days-to-date()` and
`seconds-to-dateTime()` as they are now in the spec.


Received on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 00:14:09 UTC