Re: New introduction to XForms 2.0


Sorry not to have done this sooner, but I have now reviewed the intro.
My comments/corrections below:

1. This might be personal, but I don't like much the use of "XForm" as
a countable thing, as in "an XForm", "some XForms". I would prefer
talking about a "form", and "some forms", as it is clear what we are
talking about here.

2. I am not sure that it helps to mention "Experience has shown […]
order of magnitude". I would rather leave this out (or that would call
for a "citation needed"), as whether true or not it does sound like a
marketing message.

3. Typo: "manipulted → "manipulated".

4. `<itemset nodeset="...">`: should now be `<itemset ref="...">`.

5. "As the name suggests": not sure how the name suggests "Web" forms?
To me it would suggest "XML" forms ;)

6. A big issue with XForms 1.1 and earlier is how you deal with
calculations on currency values, as there was no decimal type (answer:
they work on doubles and produce funny results at times). So in the
example that shows `calculate="../unitprice * ../howmany"`, there
should be a `bind` assigning a `decimal` type to `unitprice`. This is
now possible out of the box with the use or XPath 2 and type

That's it for now!


On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 8:34 AM, Steven Pemberton
<> wrote:
> Dear XForms users,
> I have rewritten the introduction to XForms for the XForms 2.0 spec and
> would appreciate any comments you might have.
> I have tried to simplify it. Are there any features that don't get mentioned
> that ought to be?
> Are there things mentioned that don't need to be?
> Thanks for any help.
> Steven Pemberton

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