Editorial notes currently in the spec


Here are the notes currently present:

1. What is XForms 2.0
2. Complete list [of differences w/ XForms 1.1]
3. Type from XML Schema: Feedback is welcome on the approach proposed here
with regard to XML Schema
4. xs:untypedAtomic: Does anything need to be said about providing
xs:untypedAtomic to the expression?
5. xf:output probably shouldn't fail fatally in case of a type error,
similar to calculate
6. Should xforms-compute-exception be dispatched during recalculation?
7. The property child element is still under debate, the syntax will
probably change in the future

#1 and #2: I guess Steven can take care of those?

#3: feedback of course is welcome, but that is general to all new feature
in XForms 2. Do we leave such notes for LC?

#4, #5, and #6: I need to review those and propose an answer.

#7: It seems that we have settled on that syntax, and I am not sure why the
comment says it will change. Can anybody recall?



Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 05:51:06 UTC