Some remaining action items


Looking at what's on my plate (or might end up on it), I see:

1. ACTION-1933 - Suggest spec text for MIP functions

The valid() function is already there. [1] What's missing is adding
the functions to access the other MIPs,
relevant()/required()/readonly(). That should be pretty easy.

2. ACTION-1896 - Send a e-mail to Michael Kay about providing type
information to the nodes in instances

This is an old action item. The original question I think is obsolete,
but the new question on this is whether it is reasonable to compile
XPath expressions without knowing *any* node types, but to provide
those types at runtime when the expression runs. I think it should be,
but it'd be good to double-check.

3. Integrate xf:dialog spec

I don't think there is an action item on this one, but we had decided
to do it. There is a resolution for show/hide [2], but no action item.
We need one.

4. ACTION-1948 - Provide spec text for multipart

This is a late-minute feature, but we discussed it and I was under the
impression I could write up something "quickly".

5. ACTION-1868: Bruchez to summarize problems with error handling and
three options for variable type handling

This is an older action item, and I had it on hold. Not sure what to
do with it right now, clearly a P2 for now.

I don't know about other people's action items.

Finally, I am pretty sure some of the XForms 2 text hasn't been
reviewed (at least by me).



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