ACTION-285: Crypto keysize references

Hello all,

Here are the document I suggest we should reference about keysizes:

base reference:

* The ECRYPT Yearly Report on Algorithms and Key Lengths: (2006 edition)
Main page:
" European Network of Excellence for Cryptology is a 4-year network of  
excellence funded within the Information Societies Technology (IST)  
Programme of the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme (FP6)"

I think the should be a suggestion that implementers should, when  
possible, follow the most pessimistic recommendation. Example: NIST still  
recommends 1024 bit RSA until 2010, ECRYPT only recommended this until end  
of 2006.

Possible additional reference:

 From :
"NESSIE is a project within the Information Society Technologies (IST)  
Programme of the European Commission"

Background/other references:

* RFC 3766:

* The Twirl document:

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