WSC Open Action Items

1) Do not let your Action Items go past due. It creates overhead for me, 
which is time I could spend on the content of the group, instead of trying 
to figure out what I should do about overdue action items. 

2) Complete your Action Item by the Due Date. 

3) Make sure to send an email to publis-wsc-wg with the exact ID somewhere 
in the subject line (upper case, with the "-", for example, ACTION-3) for 
tracking purposes. 

4) Do NOT close it yourself; I'll do that. That's how they get into the 
agenda, so I can give you props during the meeting. Set the state to 
"pending review" when you've completed it. 

5) If a personal emergency arises so that at the last minute you cannot 
possibly complete the Action Item by the Due Date, reset the Due Date. It 
takes only 30 seconds. And decreases my nag overhead. 

6) The roof was scarcely visible, The cornice but a mound. 

Thank you to all of you who do all this without regular personal 

[OPEN] ACTION-214: Bill Doyle to solicit commentary on Threat Trees from 
MITRE INFOSEC community - due 2007-10-20

[OPEN] ACTION-274: Bill Doyle to experiment with lc-comments-tracker and 
report back - due 2007-10-20

[OPEN] ACTION-284: Phillip Hallam-Baker to suggest fine-tuning of 
terminology in section 4 - due 2007-10-03

[OPEN] ACTION-293: Tim Hahn to Update Browser Lockdown section per the 
discussion in this call and the comments on the list. - due 2007-09-21

[OPEN] ACTION-302: Daniel Schutzer to Create sketches and interaction 
notes to send to usability testing group - due 2007-10-09

[OPEN] ACTION-304: Phillip Hallam-Baker to Produce demo or lo-fi protype 
of secure letterhead - due 2007-10-09

[OPEN] ACTION-305: Tim Hahn to Get back to maritzaj on what questions he 
has, or any lack thereof - due 2007-10-09

[OPEN] ACTION-317: Thomas Roessler to Note the open discussion about how 
PII notions of cert-handling fold into the rest of the document, 
particularly around self-signed certs and KCM - due 2007-11-30

[OPEN] ACTION-318: Thomas Roessler to Draft a new subsection to section 7 
discussing the mixing of trusted/untrusted information in the UI - due 

[OPEN] ACTION-320: Thomas Roessler to Add authoring BP re HTTPS -> HTTP 
submits (issue-107) - due 2007-11-30

[OPEN] ACTION-321: Bill Doyle to to look for cyphersuite strength standard 
that we can reference - due 2007-10-31

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