Re: ISSUE-129: Should we say anything about scoring techniques? [Techniques]

Hi Mez,

A bit of a tangent, but: All of your emails seem to specify an
absolute font size (see snippet below). This makes it really hard to
read for some of us who are already making our fonts smaller and using
very high resolutions to boot. Is there any way you could remove the
font tags, at least for emails to this WG?

Snippet from your email: (the =3D is an artifact of quoted-printable,
this is basically saying font size=2)

<br><tt><font size=3D2>&gt; We agreed that the material discussed in Austin
be included into the<br>&gt; first public working draft. &nbsp;We did not c=


On 10/30/07, Mary Ellen Zurko <> wrote:
> > We agreed that the material discussed in Austin be included into the
> > first public working draft.  We did not close any and all discussion
> > about it going forward.  ISSUE-129 serves to capture the question
> > moving ahead.
> >
> > (At least that's my understanding of where we are; I'd like to hear
> > from Mez if that's wrong.)
> You're right. As you point out here, as Tyler and Serge have pointed out elsewhere, we haven't seriously gone through wsc-xit to achieve group support and consensus on everything that's there. That's the next step, the next (big) step to LC. The FPWD is inclusive. LC will represent group consensus. Which means, after the FPWD comes out, it will be time for all active participants to review it, and to start generating issues, like this one, on items that do not have consensus. We'll do a refresh on goasl and success factors at the f2f to help ground those discussions.

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