FW: IE Favorites Feature May Allow Phishing

I'm cross posting this to WSC for obvious reasons.  Should we say something
in our Note about the danger of UAs offering bookmark APIs and/or allowing
non-URLs (e.g., keyword shortcuts) in the location bar?

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-Works only in some security zones
-Prompts the user
-Address bar will end up saying http://www.phisher.com

However the fact that the user typed the URL in (the advice of the banks)
makes this pretty cool. That this pops a dialog box kinda of sucks. On a
page load you might be able to confuse a user into clicking "Add."
Especially if you pop a lot of other dialogs using JavaScript and Flash.

Evil is the new black. :-) This is a good find.

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Nice find Yair.

- Robert Auger
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