Re: Larry Seltzer on browser SSL errors and EV

Good catch.

That's *not* part of the EV SSL standard. I'll bring this up to the  
CAB Forum and get them to issue a correction to eWeek.


(ftr, the EV SSL standard doesn't include a single thing about  
presentation, and if you want a good laugh, I'd be happy to tell you  
the history of the "green bar" treatment ... in the meantime, some  
good background on EV is here

On 22-Oct-07, at 1:43 PM, Ian Fette wrote:

> The article said "The EV cert standard also defines a new set of  
> browser behaviors, including turning the address bar green when an  
> SSL site is authenticated with an EV cert." - is this correct, that  
> there is a standard which defines UA behavior? The link goes not to  
> a standard, but just some FAQ page on CABForum...
> -Ian
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