Re: Integrated the definitions proposed by the MTF in the glossary

* Hugo Haas <> [2003-03-11 15:45-0500]
> I have added the definitions proposed by the MTF to the glossary:
> Some of them redefine existing terms (e.g. metric), and they need to
> be made consistent with the rest of the document (e.g. property vs.
> attribute).
> My main comment would be that management is not defined. Well, there
> is a definition of management, but it uses management capabilities
> and management system, which themselves use the term management, etc.
> I will work on integrating them to the document better and will send
> another email when this is done with a list of outstanding problems.

I worked some more on this, and would appreciate some feedback on
where this is going:

The comments that I have are:

- identification

  Read-only data that uniquely identifies the element. This data may
  include information that is not required for unique identification
  as well.

Why does the definition introduce uniqueness? It seems to me that
identification is the property of being identified with an identifier,
and there can be unique identifiers or non-unique ones.

- managed

  Being actively managed by a management system.

This is a circular definition, and was considering dropping it.

- management

  The utilization of the management capabilities by the management
  system. A management system may perform monitoring (of values),
  tracking (of states) and control of entities in order to produce and
  maintain a stable operational environment.

This one also looks circular to me, at least the first sentence.

How about something like:

  The action of querying and controlling with the life cycle of a

I have the feeling of the goal ("maintain a stable operational
environment") belongs to the architecture document rather than the

- management endpoint

  Endpoint for management purposes.

Do we need this definition? It doesn't bring much to the table without
additional text.

- management operation

  An operation that performs management.

Same comment.

- metrics and measurement

It seems to me that these are particular types of metrics as defined

Do we need to make a distinction at the architecture level?

- time interval

  A measurement interval type such that a measurement is calculated
  for a time interval between two time stamps.

It is circular, and is probably not useful at the architectural level.

- usage auditing and usage tracking

What is the difference between the two?

Usage tracking is also defined circularly:

  Tracking of the usage of a specific resource.

I would like to consider dropping "usage tracking" from the glossary.

There are also a few definitions marked as in progress. I would expect
that we would discuss them once we have the refactored WSA with the
management text in.



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