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                       Y R - S O C 2 0 0 7          

2nd European Young Researchers Workshop on Service Oriented Computing

                           Leicester, UK
                         June 11-12, 2007


                  !Registration closes 1st June!


Following the success of the first workshop in 2005, the University of
Leicester is pleased to host the 2nd European Young Researchers Workshop
on Service Oriented Computing co-organised with De Montfort University).
This 2-day workshop is designed to bring together PhD students, young
researchers working in the industry and those who completed their
doctoral studies within the past few years. 

Attendance at the workshop is open to all.

The aim of the workshop is to build a reputable and respectable forum
for young researchers with inputs from industry practitioners. The core
objectives are to exchange information regarding advancements in the
state of the art and practice of SOC, as well as to identify the
emerging research topics and define the future trends in this domain. 

We invite you to attend the second meeting of YR-SOC, 11-12 June 2007.
Registration is open until 1st June, inclusive. Please go to the website
for more details.



We are pleased to welcome Mark Little (JBoss), Steve Ross-Talbot (Pi4
Technologies) and Martin Wirsing (LMU Munich) as keynote speakers at
this year's workshop. In addition, an industrial talk will be given by
Luis Andrade (ATX Software) and a presentation given on Sosornet by
Nicholas Gold (Kings College London). 

The main technical programme consists of 17 paper presentations and a
number of poster presentations. Accepted papers can be found at



YR-SOC 2007 will be hosted at the University of Leicester's conference
venue in Oadby. The site is approximately 3.5km from the main campus,
set in a peaceful suburb on the south-east of the UK's most
multi-cultural  city. The workshop venue will be in the New Hall
buildings, recently opened as part of a massive development programme.

Accommodation is available at the venue, otherwise there are a small
number of local hotels. The workshop registration fee includes lunches
and a the workshop dinner, which will give delegates a true taste of


Service oriented computing is more than just ideas related to those
services: in particular it is a chance of bringing together the
business/user domain and the services domain. The word 'service'
encompasses web services, semantic web services, grid services and

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:  
- Mathematical foundations of SOC
- Data management issues in SOC
- Frameworks for building SOC applications
- Composite SOC creation and enabling infrastructures 
(e.g., workflow technology)
- SOC composition, orchestration, and choreography
- SOC modelling & design
- Semantic Web, ontologies, and SOC
- Agents and SOC
- Dynamic invocation mechanisms for SOC
- Contractual issues between provider and consumer of SOC
- Version management in SOC
- Customization of SOC
- SOC architecture
- SOC negotiation & agreement
- SOC discovery & selection
- UDDI and SOAP enhancements
- SOC and process management
- Trust, security & privacy in SOC
- Scalability and performance of SOC
- SOC standards and technologies
- Automatic computing for SOC infrastructure
- Wireless web, mobility, and SOC
- SOC based Grid Computing and peer to peer computing
- SOC based applications for e-commerce
- Quality of service for SOC
- Multimedia applications using SOC
- Economics and pricing models of utility computing and SOC
- Resource management of SOC
- Solution management for SOC
- Adoption of SOC by organizations
- Case studies on SOC based applications
- Analysis, testing, and verification of Services
- Context aware services
- Business modelling for services 


Registration Closes:  1 June
Workshop: 11-12 June


PC Chairs
Stephen Gorton (University of Leicester)
Monika Solanki (De Montfort University)
Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (University of Leicester)

Steering Committee
Barry Norton (Open University, UK)
Monika Solanki (De Montfort University)
Stephan Reiff-Marganiec (University of Leicester)

Programme Committee
Roberto Bruni (University of Pisa, Italy)
Christoph Bussler (CISCO Systems Inc., US)
Antonio Cau (De Montfort University, UK)
Schahram Dustdar (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
David Edmond (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
Dieter Fensel (DERI Innsbruck, Austria)
Gianluigi Ferrari (University of Pisa, Italy)
Reiko Heckel (University of Leicester, UK)
Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Aad van Moorsel (University of Newcastle, UK)
Arun Mukhija (University College London, UK)
Barry Norton (Open University, UK)
Mike Papazoglou (University of Tilburg, Netherlands)
Stefan Tai (IBM Research, US)
Emilio Tuosto (University of Leicester, UK)
Kenneth Turner (University of Stirling, UK)
Mathias Weske (University of Potsdam, Germany)
Jian Yang (Macquarie University, Australia)
Gianluigi Zavattaro (University of Bologna, Italy)

All enquiries may be addressed to:

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