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Hi all,

after discussing it a while with Jack I think we do not need a specific
piece of XML for this purpose. Here the line of argumentation:

a) We also need to provide a mechanism to annotate external WSDL files
(WSDL import mechanism) this can be either the case if someone
implements a specific porttype (interface) defined by someone else or if
a third party wants to add some annotations to a WSDL (assuming some
kind of registry that adds categorization information).

b) thinking about what we want to annotate (especially for the WSDL
case) we do want to annotate components (e.g. the "order" operation in
the "Order" interface) and not the first "wsdl:operation" occurrence
within a "wsdl:interface". In exact we want to say something about
components and not about their syntactic encoding.

b1) There might be changes to the XML representation of the components
that do not change the the meaning of the WSDL (e.g. flipping the order
in which operations are defined), but might break a specific xpath

b2) WSDL WG is already working on URIs that identify a specific
operation (e.g. the "order" operation in the "Order" interface):,wsdl.interfaceOperation(order))
(or something like this, Jacek will correct me here)

Similar to WSDL WG also XML Schema WG defines URI which exactly define

c) Following this argument, XPath might not be the best way to annotate
some external component (WSDL or XSD), instead a URI (component
identifier) can be used. This would lead an XML similar to:


This essentially boils down to annotate a URI with a property. This in
turn is exactly what RDF does. Thus we could achieve the same by not
defining a new XML Element, but by reusing the RDF syntax we defined,
leading to a triple like:,wsdl.interfaceOperation(order))

I would argue for explaining this use of rdf, instead of introducing a
new element.


Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> Hi all, Karthik has sent a proposal for external annotations in SAWSDL,
> see the attached MS Word document.
> Jacek
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> Hi Jack,
> Please find the SAWSDL document attached.

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