issue: externally defined semantic annotations

Hello All,

The charter ( says "define a
new semantic data model or format for externally defined semantics" is out
of scope. I would like some clarification on 'externally defined
semantics'. Does this mean externally defined semantic annotations? or
externally defined semantics as in  semantic models/ontologies that are
created and maintained external to the WSDL? I suspect the former. If so,
at the risk of opening up an out-of-scope item for discussion again, I
would like to bring up the issue of support for out-of-band annotation
approach(es) that was discussed earlier on SWS interest group. One can
create and maintain separate files for associating annotations with WSDL
files. This could be an alternate approach to modifying the WSDL to
associate annotations. (eg: X-path expressions could be used in the
out-of-band approach to associate annotations with elements in a WSDL
file). Service registry developers and vendors may find this very useful
because they may want to use these files for keeping other metadata about
WSDL files and this allows them to keep it all in one place. Customers that
already have many WSDLs may also prefer this approach than going back and
modifying all their WSDLs.  This could aid in adoption as well. We could
support this in addition to the approach we are already taking with
extending WSDLs.

What are people's thoughts on this?

Rama Akkiraju

Received on Thursday, 20 April 2006 21:30:42 UTC