issue: Identifying type of model

Hi All,

The modelReference attribute points to a concept in some semantic model and
SAWSDL is independent of the language used to express that model.  The
question is: Do we need to identify the language as part of the annotation?
In other words, can a tool that is processing the WSDL file determine what
kind of a model (OWL, WSML, ODM...) is at the URI pointed to by the
modelReference?  I can think of three answers:

1. Yes, it can read the document and see if it can recognize it.  This
would require no change to our spec.

2. Yes, but only if the URI includes a file extension like ".owl".   Is
this a reasonable restriction? If so, our spec need not change.

3. No, it needs to be explicitly stated.  This could be done via a
modelType attribute that pairs with the modelReference attribute or it
could be specified once per interface or once per WSDL document
(definitions).  If something like this is needed, it will have an
implication if we decide that a modelReference can be a list of references.

The spec currently does not restrict a WSDL file from using a different
type of model for each individual annotation. (It is silent on the issue.)
Once this issue and the multiple models per modelReference issue is
resolved, the spec will have to be explicit about this.

Joel Farrell

Received on Tuesday, 18 April 2006 19:26:27 UTC