Section on Annotating inputs and outputs

I would like to get a clarification on the following point on
annotations. The spec has not been clear on this and it would be good
if it can be clarified soon.

* Annotating inputs and outputs of an operation. The specification
does not clearly indicate whether this is possible or not but gives a
hint about it can be in the WSDL 1.1 section. I believe this should be
possible since there is a likelyhood of inputs and outputs of
different operations (which have different meanings) pointing to the
same schema type/element  (Anyway this is open for discussion).

In anycase it  should be clearly mentioned whether we can do this or
not in the specification. if possible it should be included in section
3 with an example.

Thank you

Ajith Ranabahu

Received on Friday, 19 January 2007 20:01:28 UTC