Re: [Fwd: Comments of SEE to SAWSDL]

Dear Micha³,

you have raised (on behalf of the SEE TC) some issues against our Last
Call WD of SAWSDL, which we logged as issues 8, 9, 10 and 11 in our
issues list [1].

We responded to your issues 9 and 10 in an email archived at [2]. The
message below is a response to the two remaining issues. All our
resolutions are implemented in the current editors' draft of the
document at [3].

In Issue 8, you suggest that we remove examples from our specification
and move them to the Usage Guide. We decided not to do so, as there are
examples of W3C specifications of both kinds (ones with and others
without examples in the main spec document) and we find the
specifications sprinkled with examples to be better readable.

In Issue 11, you request that the specification and the group should
guide the reader of SAWSDL to understand that the SAWSDL spec is only
the beginning towards semantics in Web Service specifications, not the
final and complete solution. We have updated the specification and the
Working Group page [4] to put our work in a bigger perspective, and we
believe this should satisfy your concerns.

Please let us know by Jan 15 if you disagree with our disposition of
your comments.

Best regards and thanks for the comments,
Jacek Kopecky


On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 01:17 -0500, Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> Hi all, I'm attaching the comments we got from the OASIS SEE TC.
> I'll open any LC issues as necessary soon.
> Jacek

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