[NEW ISSUE] WS-MEX - define the MEX dialect

The MEX specification doesn't really define what metadata is to be 
returned when the Dialect value on the GetMetadata operation is set to "
http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/09/mex".  It just says its "this 
specification".  I've heard rumors that it means "return everything you 
can" while the absence of a dialect on the GetMetadata operation means 
"return whatever you want".  This should be cleared up.

Its not clear to me that we need to have both "everything" and "whatever" 
options.  So my preference is to have the "mex" dialect be the default 
value (ie. when the Dialect isn't present on the GetMetadata operation) 
and have it mean "return everything you can".

If we really do need to have these two distinct (albeit poorly defined) 
options - then, aside from defining what the "mex" dialect means, we 
should also define a new URI to mean "whatever" so that people can be 
explicit in the GetMetadata request and fill in the Dialect value with a 
well defined URI that means "whatever".

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Received on Wednesday, 7 January 2009 04:25:20 UTC