RE: Will there be a next version of WS-Policy?

FTR, when we discussed V.Next at the Dublin F2F the agenda included the following list of V.Next issues and a query to find them:

> 1. V.Next discussion
> Bug list:
> 3616 enh P4 All RESO WONT Policy Negotiation
> 3620 nor P2 Wind RESO LATE Policy Attachment to WS-Addr EndpointReferences
> 3622 nor P2 All RESO WONT Policy assertion equivalence and generality
> 3639 nor P2 Wind RESO WONT Which policy alternative was selected?
> 4178 nor P2 All RESO WONT Declaration of policy domains in policy expressions
> 4179 nor P2 All RESO WONT Preferences for policy expressions
> 4292 nor P2 Wind RESO WONT Intersection mode is neither defaulted nor specified
> 4558 nor P2 Wind RESO FIXE Scalability and performance problems with expressing allo...

> We discussed this briefly in Dublin but AFAIK no decision was reached.

Actually the Dublin minutes record the following consensus position:

> cferris: have I heard correctly? no one sees intense urgency in initiating new work.
>          consensus is that experience would benefit focus and market feedback would help on features.
> cferris: six to nine months, with more informal mechanisms for explorations
>          ... no burning "must do" tasks for this group's continuation directly following on our completion


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Subject: Will there be a next version of WS-Policy?

We discussed this briefly in Dublin but AFAIK no decision was reached.
Dave O made the excellent point that if we wanted a next version before
2 years we should start asap.

Whether or not we want a next version of WS-Policy depends, of course,
on the requirements we have for vNext and whether these are compelling.
Looking through Bugzilla, here is what I found:

Issue 3616: Policy Negotiation
In my view we need to define this better.  Dale Moburg had some ideas
based on negotiation in ebXML

Issue 3639: Which Policy Alternative was selected
If intersection yields more than one compatible alternative, which
alternative is selected for the conversation and how is this
communicated between the parties?

Issue 4889: Policies depend on message properties
The policy to be applied depends on a property of the message such as
customer ID.
This comes from a customer requirement

Issue 5045:  Why did intersection fail?
I just added this as a requirement from our product folks.

I may have missed some.  Or there may be others that people have in mind
but not yet brought forward.  Please think about this, talk to your
product teams and recommend a course of action.

All the best, Ashok

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