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Re: New Alternative F to resolve LC comment on WS addr metadata

From: Tom Rutt <tom@coastin.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 15:37:41 -0400
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To: tom@coastin.com
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Tom Rutt wrote:

I forgot to delete the following paragraph in the last section of the 
proposed changes.
Consider the following example, where we have a client who does not care
whether the endpoint explicitly supports anonymous responses, and a WSDL
which states that the endpoint does explicitly support anonymous responses.

Since this change is so simple, I have not redistributed the pdf with 
this new change.

> During off line discussions during the ws-policy meeting, a group of 
> people came up with
> another alternative to resolve the LC comment on WS addr metadata.
> The most significant concern about the existing nested support 
> assertions is that there
> is no way to indicate that a particular response mode is not supported.
> This new alternative F takes the approach of nested support 
> assertions, however
> non presence of a nested policy assertion now implies that the 
> associated response mode is not supported.
> An empty Addressing assertion would imply that addressing is required, 
> but that no response
> modes associated with EPRs in a request message are supported.
> It is important to notice that the use of negative language 
> (incljuding the word "Negation" ) is never used in the definitions for 
> Alternative F.
> I deleted the example which places the two nested assertions in 
> separate alternatives, since
> such a policy expression is not useful for any endpoint.
> I really like this new alternative, since it allows expression of all 
> support claims an endpoint would  ever want to assert, and also allows 
> for client "expressions" to allow use of intersection to find  
> compatible endpoints.
> Tom Rutt
> I really like this new alternative.
> of the new assertions.

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