Response to the Last Call comments by WS-Policy to the WS-Addressing Metadata document 1.0

In response to the WS-Policy group's last call review[1] of the
WS-Addressing 1.0 Metadata Document[2]
We have attached the resolution so created by your comments.  The
WS-Addressing WG feels that this resolution substantially resolves your
comments found in [1], however, since there has been considerable
discussion within the WS-Addressing WG concerning the correct
interpretation of the W-Policy specifications even by members who are
common to both working groups, it was felt that I as chair should
forward this resolution to the WS-Policy WG for its concurrence.
If you agree that this resolution satisfies the comments contained in
[1], please so indicate by an affirmative response to this message. If
not, please provide additional clarifying commentary.
Chair, WS-Addressing


Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2007 13:17:32 UTC