ISSUE (3639) Which policy alternative was selected?

My original motivation in raising this issue was to provide a rationale for why we
wanted a pointer from the message to the policy (alternative) that was applied to it.  (There are
other reasons why such a pointer may be useful, for example if the policy changes
during the course of a long-running transaction, or to indicate policies or assertions 
which do not affect the wire format of messages - bug 3789.)

At the f2f in Bellevue the WG said:
1. You can add such a pointer to a msg using the SOAP extensibility mechanism but
2. The WG did not want to standardize such a header as it raised all manner of questions such "shd this
be the first header."

Subsequently, Dan Roth told the WG
that Microsoft products used the following solutions:
1. In case multiple alternatives apply, create an endpoint that supports exactly one policy alternative.
2. Use an out-of-band mechanism to convey which alternative was selected.  In effect, this uses an out-of-band
mechanism instead of the pointer in the message that I wanted.

So, at this point I am willing to agree to close the issue with no action.
If others feel differently please propose the solution you would like.

All the best, Ashok

Received on Friday, 6 October 2006 22:16:13 UTC