NEW ISSUE (4072): [Guidance] Statements not relevant to assertion design


Title: [Guidance] Statements not relevant to assertion design


1.) Section 4.1, 4th paragraph states: "The number of different subjects to which an assertion can be attached is also a factor when defining an assertion. Determining the appropriate policy subjects can sometimes involve understanding the requirements of wide range of client configurations, from stand alone client applications to "active" web service requestors that are capable of modifying their own configurations dynamically." [1]

Policy assertion authors should not have to consider client configurations, standalone client applications or active clients.

2.) Section 4.1, 5th paragraph discusses when to use policy references.

When to use policy references is not relevant to policy assertion authors.

Justification: These statements are not relevant to policy assertion authors or policy assertion design.

Target: Guidelines for Policy Assertion Authors


1.) Remove the paragraph

2.) Remove the paragraph.


Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2006 17:18:59 UTC