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updated actions

From: Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 14:44:14 -0400
To: public-ws-policy@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF57D48088.443D5B73-ON852571BE.0064FE48-852571BE.0066EB87@us.ibm.com>

I have updated tracker to reflect the closed actions and verified that 
those new actions from the IRC chatwere indeed
added to tracker (aside from those that were assigned to the editors). 
Note that some of the recorded actions
weren't picked up by tracker, because it doesn't record actions for which 
it does not recognize the name.
I think that this is a bug, frankly, as it SHOULD record all actions, and 
just not assign ownership when it 
doesn't recognize the name of the owner.


Note for future scribes... please use the action owner's full, and 
correctly spelled first or last name when
entering actions. 


ACTION: Christopher to ...

rather than

ACTION: Chris to ...

Otherwise, tracker doesn't record the issue (although RRSAgent does do so 
for the minutes).


Christopher Ferris
STSM, Software Group Standards Strategy
email: chrisfer@us.ibm.com
blog: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/dw_blog.jspa?blog=440
phone: +1 508 377 9295
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