Stable Version: Guidelines Document

Looking at the editors' tracker [1], there are only TWO open Guidelines document editorial actions: Action-249 [2] and Action-309 [3].

Action-249 is blocked by issue 4566 [4] and Action-309 is pending.

Thus far, we (the editorial team) implemented 19 actions from the Ottawa F2F! And, we are ahead of schedule! Thank you Prasad for pinning down a bulk load of these actions!

I tagged the latest version (a stable version) of the Guidelines document as 'Editors-Draft-18-June-2007'. See

To help the Working Group layer proposals on a stable version of the Guidelines document and resolve new & pending issues (such as 3978 and 3988 that are awaiting progress on the editors' draft of the Guidelines document), I suggest informing the Working Group that we now have a stable version of the Guidelines document.

If there aren't any issues or pushback, I request Dave O (who is the reporter for this week) to do the honors of posting the new editors' draft of the Guidelines document to the WG by COB today.



Asir S Vedamuthu
Microsoft Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 19 June 2007 13:49:17 UTC