updated agenda for editor meeting 1/10

Duration: 1hour -  2pm-3pm Eastern
Dial-in: See http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/policy/editors#meetings

Zakim------- The code is 3348 (617-761-6200)

Proposed Agenda:
1. Administrative
review the rotation
    a. Next week’s arrangements for f2f:
       Chair –??
       Scribe - ??
  b.Editorial Team Report: was delivered by Frederick, will be presented 
at F2F by Maryann

  c. Last call’s Minutes:

2.  Frederick to present proposal for 4041 and group to discuss.

3. Open Editors Action Items (status Review):

ACTION 87 -asir
ACTION 101- all
ACTION 111- all
ACTION 112 - dave o

4.The primary topic we need to cover is our agenda for F2F and schedule to 
move the doc's forward.
5. NEW Editorial Actions from this week’s WG Conference Call ? 
6. AOB?


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