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Hi Frederick, 
The list should have also included 3980 as well in Guidelines. 
Is there a problem or is it simply omitted by mistake? 


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	Cc: Hirsch Frederick; WS-Policy Editors W3C
	Subject: Updated Policy Drafts
	The editors have produced new versions of the Framework,
Attachment, Primer and Guidelines documents, including red-lined
versions showing changes from the Published W3C Working Drafts [1].

	All documents include updates to version changes section. In
addition, each incorporates the changes listed below.

	1. Framework
ors-Draft-08-January-2007>  and Framework diff

	Implemented Editors' Action 93 for Mac MIME type, make Mac File
Type code be TEXT.
	Resolution for issue 4039 - WS-Policy does not define its
relationship to XML Base.
	Resolution for issue 4038 - Nested policy not in normal form in
section 4.3.2.
	Include Umit and Frederick in Editors list.

	2. Attachment
tors-Draft-08-January-2007>  and Attachment diff

	Resolution for issue 4039 - WS-Policy does not define its
relationship to XML Base.
	Applied the missed amendment (re issue 4039) to section 3.5 Use
of IRIs in Policy Attachment.
	Include Umit and Frederick in Editors list.

	3. Primer
-Draft-08-January-2007>  and Primer diff

	Resolution for issue 3965 - Clarify text surrounding
PolicyReference and for usage of wsp:Name attribute 
	Resolution for issue 4069 - Updating References for Use of

	4. Guidelines
tors-Draft-08-January-2007>  and Guidelines diff

	Editorial cleanup based on editorial comments on policy mail
	Resolution for issue 3792 - Overlap of primer and guidelines -
Replaced section in Lifecycle with pointer to the text in the primer
	Formatted examples in 5.2 Evolution of Assertions (Versioning
and Compatibility)
	Formatted examples in 4.2 Authoring Styles and 8. Scenario and a
worked example.
	Resolution for Issue 3982  The introduction should state that
the document only targets policy assertion authors
	Resolution for issue 3983 The Guidelines document should use a
phrase to identify the target audience consistently.

	[1] <>

	regards, Frederick

	Frederick Hirsch

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