Today Editor's Call is Cancelled.

I have decided to cancel today's editors call, as discussed at end of  
WG call.

I propose the next editors call be 12 September, the date of the next  
WS-Policy WG meeting.

No new actions were assigned to the editors on today's call.

I have closed in tracker the action I completed,  ACTION-351, which  
was to update the references in framework and attachments. Asir  
reviewed the change.

Apart from tickler items, only one action is outstanding - action 353  
on Toufic
Restore 5.6.1 with Chris' text

Toufic, are you going to be able to get to this one before 12 Sept or  
should we reassign?

We also need to decide on chair,scribe and reporter for next call.  
Perhaps Toufic you can report at next WG call, and I can chair at  
next editors call, Maryann can you scribe? (Keeping same as this week).

Any other editor business?

Unless there is a message on this list, I'll  assume we plan to have  
next editors call 12 Sept and that Toufic will complete action 353.

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2007 16:39:42 UTC