Re: Change Logs: Framework and Attachment

Asir Vedamuthu wrote:
> The Framework and Attachment drafts carry two sections that capture changes:
> a) Changes in this Version of the Document (Non-Normative)
> b) Web Services Policy 1.5 - Change Log (Non-Normative)
> It appears that Recommendations on the TR page ( do not carry such change logs.

thanks for the reminder. I checked out a few, and some contained such logs:
no log:

so there is no need to drop the logs, and no need to keep them.

> Do you plan to drop these sections while staging them for production or do you expect editors to drop them?

I will drop them if the WG  / editors agree on that. Please assign me an 
AI during the next call.


Received on Sunday, 19 August 2007 22:36:15 UTC