Updated Primer for Editors and Chairs Sanity Check



I have made the remaining changes that Paul raised in his mail
<http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ws-policy/2006Sep/0165.html> )

The updated primer is available at:




I thought I would send it for the quick sanity check review of the editors
and chairs this time around, prior to sending it to the WG.


1. I should note that the acknowledgements section is not fixed up yet.

The acknowledgements are all in a common file that is used by all
(Framework, attachment and primer) documents, to create the Acknowledgements

It seems better done by the W3C staff. Both the membership and company
affiliations need to be reflected accurately.


2. Once Acknowledgements are updated we need to regenerate the HTML version
of the primer and Tag it in CVS so that we can give a hard pointer to the


Felix, could I request your help with the above two steps? 






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