Action item 20

Hi all,

I had an action item to add numbers to the example columns. There are
some issues with the examples:

1) some of them are text (angle brackets are escaped)
2) some of them are text with markup for emphasis
3) the example numbers are not assigned to each line: attribute
definitions don't get numbers.

These issues make it difficult to have the example numbers in the plain
text version of the examples.

There is a solution: have the examples as external XML files, and
generate their representation in the main XML document.

You can see at , how this
works. See e.g. the external file
and its generated representation in "Example 1: Document with partially
translatable content". There is no numbering in the generated
representation (because that WG does not want it), but the indentation
is produced automatically.

The stylesheet which does the pulling-in of the examples is . I could
make an adaptation of this for the policy WG purposes. The question is:
Do we editors want to have this? The drawback would be that you have to
pull out all examples out of the draft and store them as separate files.

The benefit of external files is also that you can validate them and
re-use them across documents. This might esp. be attractive for re-usage
of examples between the primer and the guidelines.

Looking forward to hear your opinions.


Received on Tuesday, 26 September 2006 05:14:07 UTC