Re: Fw: Help? Today's editors call

Hi Maryann, all,

> Well I think we did miss you!

Sorry, but I had to attend another meeting.

> I really need your help in wrapping up these items.
>    1.  in updating the mintues with the that something
>       you can take care of ? we obviously missed a few steps with the agent

just updated, see .

You can generate a text version of the minutes via the text comma tool
and send it to this list. Use an URI like below,text

I will send out the minutes now.

>    2. I'm going to enter the pending bugs into the new tracker, but I'm
>       not sure what to do with the bug about the links being broken in
>       the current working group drafts. 

do you mean other links than the fragments for the terms?

I believe we already have an
>       open issue that remained open after todays WG call.

yes, that is .

>    3. Additionally is there a way for you to fix the fragments and
>       generate a new version of the working group drafts in time for the
>       F2F? or is this something we'll have to work at the F2F?

I will fix the fragments until the f2f.

>    4. Lastly, I'm not sure if there was anything else I was supposed to
>       do with the rrsagent.... for my own learning :-) is there an
>       instruction guide for the chair?

the best instructions for general scribing I know are .

I made an overview of commands for inviting rrsagent and zakim, and the
commands you need at the beginning and at the end of a call. See .


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