RE: Agenda for WS-Policy Editors Call for December 13, 2006

I suggest adding the following two agenda items:


a) Jan F2F drop (framework, attachment, primer and guidelines) for the

b) Editors' Jan F2F (in SFO)




Asir S Vedamuthu

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Subject: Agenda for WS-Policy Editors Call for December 13, 2006



Duration: 1hour - 2pm-3pm Pacific (or) 5pm-6pm Eastern

Dial-in: See

            IRC:   #ws-policy-eds


Proposed Agenda:

1. Administrative


    a. This week's arrangements:

       Chair - Toufic

       Scribe - TBD - ideally should be Umit to get back into the


   b. Arrangements for next week (12/20/06): 

        Chair: Umit

        Scribe: Toufic

        Editorial Team Report: Toufic


   c. Chair rotation - Umit, Asir, Dave, Frederick, Maryann, Prasad,


    d. Last Editors call Minutes:


2. Open Editors Action Items (status Review):


3. NEW Editorial Actions from this week's WG Conference Call


4. Status of Primer and Guidelines documents


5. AOB?


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