WSD Issue 275 closed


You raised an issue against the "Assigning Media Types to Binary Data in
XML" Last Call WD [1] in your email at [2] (comment 2c). This was 
accepted by the WSD WG [3] as issue 275 [4].

The bug in example 1 has been fixed. The type is now an extension of 
xs:base64Binary and not a restriction. The WG explicitly wanted to use 
xs:base64Binary instead of xmime:base64Binary to illustrate that fact 
that depending on the needs either could be used. The type 
xmime:base64Binary is defined for convenience.

These changes are reflected in the latest editors draft at [5].

I hope this addresses the issue that you raised, to your satisfaction.

Thanks and regards.

-Anish Karmarkar
On behalf of the WSD WG


Received on Friday, 11 March 2005 02:01:52 UTC