Issue 263 (Lexical and value space of the attributes and XML Schema Decl) Proposed Resolution

It appears that LC 263 [1] indicates actually an editorial problem in
the specification as Section 2.1 does not define the contentType
attribute, but defers it to Section 3.1 instead. 

We propose moving the paragraph: 

{The [normalized value] of the contentType attribute information item
MUST be the name of a IANA media type token, e.g.,
"image/png","text/xml; charset=utf-16" and indicates the media type of
the [owner element].  

>From Section 3.1 to Section 2.1. where the attribute is defined. 

Also add the following statement to the same section: 

For a discussion of media type values and their definitions, see
RFC2046[IETF RFC 2046]




Received on Thursday, 6 January 2005 00:59:18 UTC