Using xmlmime:contentType without XML Schema

The introduction to the 2 November 2004 Last Call WD of "Assigning Media
Types to Binary XML" states that XML Schema is not required in order to
make use of the xmlmime:contentType attribute.

Unfortunately, without type information it is not possible to reliably
distinguish between elements with base64 binary and hex binary content:
for example, the content "0000" decodes to the octets "0x00 0x00" in
hex binary, but "0xD3 0x4D 0x34" in base64 binary.

Therefore, either an xmlmime:contentTransferEncoding is required for
schema-free operations, or the recommendation should specify the use of
xsi:type with the values "xs:base64Binary" and "xs:hexBinary" for use
in schema-free operations.

I would prefer the latter alternative.

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Received on Wednesday, 3 November 2004 19:09:23 UTC