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On the work of the task force Amelia A. Lewis (Friday, 30 May)

meps-vs-iops document updated David Booth (Wednesday, 28 May)

MEP task force teleconference Wed 12:00noon EDT David Booth (Tuesday, 27 May)

MEPs vs. IOPs document updated. David Booth (Tuesday, 27 May)

Next MEP call Wednesday David Booth (Monday, 26 May)

Raw IRC log from 21 May 2003 MEP TF telcon Jonathan Marsh (Wednesday, 21 May)

Agenda for MEP task force call at 1:00pm EDT today David Booth (Monday, 19 May)

Turismo Rural - promoções fantásticas / promociones fantásticos Marcos&Marcos (Tuesday, 13 May)

MEP Task Force update David Booth (Monday, 12 May)

Still out today David Booth (Wednesday, 7 May)

Still out today David Booth (Wednesday, 7 May)

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