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Added faq on prerequisites for building the rollup.

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  	<li><a href="#assertion-coverage">Which bad documents should I
+ 	<li><a href="#dashboard">How is the Test Result Dashboard report produced?</a></li>
  	<li><a href="#test-suite-coverage-summary">How is the WSDL 2.0
  	Document Test Case Coverage Report produced?</a></li>
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  the specification.</p>
+ <h2><a name="dashboard">How is the <a
+ 	href="Dashboard.html">Test Result Dashboard</a> report produced?</a></h2>
+ <p>The Dashboard.html report combines results of the various testing methodologies
+ and is built using the build.xml Ant task.
+ The Ant tasks that build the report summary have the following dependencies:</p>
+ <ol>
+ <li>Ant 1.7.0 (introduces the 'filenameparameter' attribute to the xslt task, important
+ for building links to the logs from the <a href="results-messages/Message-tests-results.html">Message 
+ Test Results</a> report.  To install this version download it <a href="http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi">here</a>, unzip to a directory on
+ the hard drive, select Eclipse/Window/Preferences/Ant/Runtime/Ant Home... and point it to the directory
+ you just unzipped.</li>
+ <li>Xalan (I had luck with 2.5.1, but 2.7.0 seemed to introduce errors).  To install, download it
+ <a href="http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/downloads.html">here</a>, unzip into the Ant/lib 
+ directory, and again select Eclipse/Window/Preferences/Ant/Runtime/Ant Home... and point it to the directory
+ you just unzipped.  This picks up Xalan as the default stylesheet engine for the xslt task.  (The built-in
+ xslt engine stops on each missing file when using the document() function, breaking the rollup if there is
+ a missing test result.)</li>
+ </ol>
+ <p>At this point you should be able to run build.xml->Dashboard.html to rebuild just the rollup
+ report, or build.xml->main to schemavalidate and build the zip files, or results-message/build.xml->main to 
+ rebuild the message test results, or results/build.xml->main to rebuild the component model tests, or 
+ results/build.xml->Validation.html to build the validation test results.  For a complete build of test results
+ (sans test coverage), do all the above builds (in approximately reverse order.)</p>
  <h2><a name="test-suite-coverage-summary">How is the <a
  	href="test-suite-coverage-summary.xml">WSDL 2.0 Document Test Case
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