RE: HTTP binding: whis is {http authentication scheme} an xs:string?

Thanks for your comment.  The WS Description Working Group tracked this
as a Last Call comment LC326 [1].  The Working Group agreed to fix the
problem by adopting your proposal.

If we don't hear otherwise within two weeks, we will assume this
satisfies your concern.


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> Subject: HTTP binding: whis is {http authentication scheme} an
> xs:string?
> Section 6.12.2 Relationship to WSDL Component Model reads:
>     {http authentication scheme} REQUIRED. xs:string to the Endpoint
>     component, corresponding to the HTTP authentication scheme used.
>     The valid values are "basic" for the "basic" authentication scheme
>     defined in [IETF RFC 2617], "digest" for the Digest Access
>     Authentication scheme as defined in [IETF RFC 2617], and "none"
>     for no access authentication.
> It would be better to have:
>   A xs:token with one of the values basic, digest, or none.
> and have this reflected in the schema.
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