Compatibility between HTML, XForms, and WSDL

HTML4.01 (and probably XHTML, though I didn't find it) specifies that
a GET URI is constructed as such:
  action + '?' + url-encoded form parameters

  <form action="http://q.example/what?foo">
    <input type="hidden" name="inference" value="owl-lite"/>
    <input name="q" default="SELECT%20%3"/>

should call

An cursory implementation survey showed that Lynx 2.8.4, Opera 7.5.4,
Mozilla 1.7.5 all appear to chop off the '?' and everything after it.

WSDL [WZ] follows XForms's [XF] example and specifies that the
separator between the action and the parameters be a '?' if there is
not one already, otherwise, a '&' .

I propose an errata to HTML to reflect either current practice or the
XForms way of doing it. I will propose that the SPARQL protocol [SP]
use the XForms approach as well.


RFC3896 Appendix A:
URI           = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ]
query         = *( pchar / "/" / "?" )


This is the default content type. Forms submitted with this content
type must be encoded as follows:

   1. Control names and values are escaped. Space characters are
replaced by `+', and then reserved characters are escaped as described
in [RFC1738], section 2.2: Non-alphanumeric characters are replaced by
`%HH', a percent sign and two hexadecimal digits representing the
ASCII code of the character. Line breaks are represented as "CR LF"
pairs (i.e., `%0D%0A').

   2. The control names/values are listed in the order they appear in
the document. The name is separated from the value by `=' and
name/value pairs are separated from each other by `&'.

HTML4.01 <>
# If the method is "get" and the action is an HTTP URI, the user agent
takes the value of action, appends a `?' to it, then appends the form
data set, encoded using the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
content type. The user agent then traverses the link to this URI. In
this scenario, form data are restricted to ASCII codes.


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