HTTP binding: error in definition of queryParameterSeparatorDefault and queryParameterSeparator

This is an editorial issue.

In Part 2, section 6.5 Specifying the Default HTTP Method defines the
{http query parameter separator} property.

Section 6.6.3 XML Representation reads:

   The XML representation for binding an Operation are four attribute
   information items with the following Infoset properties:


     * An OPTIONAL queryParameterSeparatorDefault attribute information item
       with the following Infoset properties:

          * A [local name] of queryParameterSeparatorDefault

          * A [namespace name] of ""

          * A type of xs:string whose length facet value is "1"

Not four, but six AIIs are defined.

Moreover, it's not queryParameterSeparatorDefault which is on
operation, but queryParameterSeparator.

queryParameterSeparatorDefault should still be defined, though. Before
defining it, we need to decide where (see issue about "Editorial
reorganization for defaults").

Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Wednesday, 24 August 2005 10:15:08 UTC