Part 2: Mapping from XML Representations to Component Properties

A number of properties in Part 2 are optional, but their mapping from
XML says "otherwise empty", which means that that they would always be
present, but sometimes empty, which is different from not being

I am proposing to remove this "otherwise empty" from the mapping for
the following properties to make them really optional:
- {soap fault subcodes}
- {soap action}
- {http location}
- {http error reason phrase}
- {http transfer coding}

This would mean replacing certain "if empty" in their definition by
"if not present".

{soap fault code} and {http error status code} suffer from the
same problem but should not as I mentioned in another issue I have

Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Wednesday, 24 August 2005 09:55:00 UTC