Part 1 editorial comments

Below is a list of typos and editorial fixes I noted in Part 1:
- section 2: s/.e.g/e.g./.
- section 2.1.1: s/and that it resolve/and that it resolves/.
- section 2.4.2: s/such as
  ''/i.e. when
  ''' is in use/; indeed, this
  is the only possibility.
- section s/AII/&AII;/ and s/be be/be/.
- section s/whether the operation is safe or not/whether the
  operation is declared to be safe or not/; indeed, safe='false'
  doesn't mean that the operation isn't safe, but that it hasn't been
  declared as such as per 2.4.1.
- section 2.5.1: s/wsdls:token/wsdls:Token/.
- section s/fault attribute information item/ref attribute
  information item/.
- section the example is missing the WSDL default
- section 10.1: I don't think that the RDF mapping is a normative
  reference; it is an informative one.
- sections A and A.2: there are editor's notes remaining that should
  be removed.
- section D.1: "This section will provide some rationale for it and
  provide hints on how to work around some scenarios."; they are



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Tuesday, 14 September 2004 21:58:43 UTC