RE: QA Review on WSDL 2.0 Part 1, intro and conformance issues

Le jeu 02/09/2004 ŗ 20:34, Jonathan Marsh a ťcrit :
> The WG agreed to change the above paragraph to something like:
>   "Since this spec is defined in terms of the infoset, it is not 
>   a requirement to support any particular serialization of the 
>   infoset.  For instance, a conformant processor might only 
>   support XML 1.0."

OK; this clarifies indeed the intention, and I'm happy for it to close
my issue; I'll probably send a separate comment on the intention behind
that, though.

> The WG agreed to remove discussion of validity from the table in section 1.2 (this is redundant with the Conformance section), add a link to the schema from the conformance section, and add .xsd extension to all links to the schemas.

Thanks; I'm satisfied by this.

> > * it would be interesting to list (maybe in an appendix) what
> > constraints are not translated in the provided XML Schema
> The WG did not agree to add such an appendix, but we feel we are addressing the spirit of your comment in other ways.  We have initial buyoff and are currently prototyping the use of a formal notation (Z) directly in the spec to describe the additional constraints.  There are Z tools for consistency checking which we can apply to the spec.  The constraints, once validated for completeness and consistency, will be collected into a separate Test Assertion Document which will guide us in the development and evaluation of our test suite. 

That sounds perfect; I'm looking forward to see it.


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Received on Friday, 3 September 2004 07:49:13 UTC