RE: Elaborate: Cannot be Serialized as XML 1.0

In response to this issue [1], the Working Group agreed to rework this
text to make it clear that we are talking about the version of XML, and
to clarify that this is due to unserializable constructs in the XML
itself, and not related to validity under a particular version of XML
Schema.  We'll assume you agree with this resolution if we don't hear
from you in 2 weeks.


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> Subject: Elaborate: Cannot be Serialized as XML 1.0
> I am writing this issue on behalf of Christopher St. John, webMethods.
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> "This document does not specify a means of producing an XML Infoset
> representation from a given set of WSDL components. Furthermore, given
> particular serialization, not all valid sets of components need be
> serializable to it. For instance, due to the use in the component
model of
> types that cannot be described using XML schema (.e.g wsdls:string),
it is
> possible to come up with a valid set of WSDL components that cannot be
> serialized as an XML 1.0 document."
> Last two sentences (above) sound very serious. I understand the issue
> reasoning behind it. But, this paragraph does not provide sufficient
> information to first time readers. I request the editors to elaborate
> why
> components cannot be serialized as an XML 1.0 doc and provide a link
> the
> section that describes wsdl simple types.
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