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Fwd: WS-CDL+ execution engine 0.1 (prototype system) released

From: Steve Ross-Talbot <steve@pi4tech.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 09:59:24 +0000
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> From: "Hongbing Wang" <hbw@seu.edu.cn>
> Date: 27 November 2007 03:44:17 GMT
> To: <public-sws-ig@w3.org>, <semantic-web@w3.org>
> Cc: "Patrick Hung" <Patrick.Hung@uoit.ca>, <steve@pi4tech.com>,  
> <zelkey@msn.com>
> Subject: WS-CDL+ execution engine 0.1 (prototype system) released
> homenewsdownloaddocumentsabout us
> Execution Engine
> Packages for downloading
> wscdl-ee-0.1.zip
> More...
> Documents
> WS-CDL+ Execution Engine User Guide: Get Started
> WS-CDL+: An Extended WS-CDL Execution Engine for Web Service  
> Collaboration
> WS-CDL+ for web service collaboration
> More...
> Welcome to the WS-CDL+ Execution Engine Project

> WS-CDL+ Execution Engine is based upon the WS-CDL specification by  
> W3C with six aspects of extension mechanisms, which are variable  
> initialization, user-defined functions, extended interaction  
> method, timer, debugging/exception and implicit finalization  
> mechanism. This project aims at providing an implementation of the  
> WS-CDL+ execution engine, which can be run as a plug-in on such as  
> application servers as Tomcat or JBoss.
> We've advanced the current state of the Web service collaboration  
> technology by addressing the following two issues: a) A prototype  
> implementation of a WS-CDL+ execution engine. The study of WS-CDL  
> calls for an execution engine; so that we can experiment on the  
> properties we are working on, and develop applications using WS- 
> CDL. The availability of a WS-CDL execution engine is also crucial  
> to bring WS-CDL into application field, enabling a WS-CDL document  
> to run on servers. Moreover, with the prototype system, researchers  
> and developers are able to simulate their choreography process and  
> get the results of choreography in a single computer without having  
> to interact with the real WS-CDL/WS-CDL+ participants, which makes  
> testing and debugging WS-CDL/WS-CDL+ documents easy. And b) the  
> extension of the WS-CDL specification into WS-CDL+. It is no debut  
> that the idea underlying WS-CDL is fascinating; however, when it  
> comes to the application field, its expressiveness and usability  
> become questionable. To enhance it in this way, we introduce six  
> extended functionalities into the WS-CDL+ execution engine,  
> including the user-defined functions, the interaction model  
> extensions, the implicit finalization mechanism, and etc.
> Website for WS-CDL+ execution engine comes into being
> October 15, 2007
> In this website, we'll provide the projects' progress message as  
> well as software downloading, user guides and research papers.  
> Thanks to Prof. Hongbing Wang from Southeast University for  
> providing server spaces.
> WS-CDL+ execution engine 0.1 (prototype system) released
> May 28, 2007
> We are glad to announce the availability of the prototype system of  
> WS-CDL+ execution engine Version 0.1. This release implements most  
> functionalities of the WS-CDL specification plus six aspects of  
> extension mechanisms of WS-CDL+. Any suggestions on this release  
> are welcomed to feedback to zelkey@msn.com.
> Copyright (c) 2007. All rights reserved.

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